NAB Show Conferences and Education

Proposals, papers and abstracts for conference sessions, technical papers, keynotes, roundtables, exhibition floor theaters, speakers and more are now being accepted across multiple programs within NAB Show! This is your chance to bring your expertise to the world’s largest media, entertainment and technology tradeshow. If you have a success story, new/emerging technology, exciting case study or an amazing project to share, we want to hear from you!

Programs Accepting Submissions

The following programs are currently accepting submissions:

  • Business of Media: Now accepting proposals covering the media landscape across many delivery methods and platforms, the Business of Media track targets radio and television ownership and station management executives, as well as leaders from digital, cable and satellite companies. Sessions drill down into legal, policy, advertising, sales and marketing, and business development.
  • Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEIT): Now accepting proposals for this renowned program—in its 75th year!—designed for broadcast engineers and technicians, media technology managers, contract engineers, broadcast equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineering consultants and R&D engineers. Technical presentations consider pressing issues facing today’s media professionals, including the ongoing transition to IT and IP-based systems. An emphasis on next-generation systems throughout the media-delivery ecosystem provides the conference with a decidedly forward-looking focus. 
  • Creative Master Symposium (formerly Creative Master Series): Now accepting proposals that go behind the scenes with the creatives and crew responsible for today’s most innovative and popular feature films, TV series and streaming experiences. Learn how filmmakers and showrunners designed game changing looks on set, elicited nuanced performances, choreographed complex shots, and applied the latest technologies to create a masterpiece.
  • Main Stage: Now accepting proposals for the ultimate destination for cutting-edge content, bleeding-edge technology advancements, and edge-of-your-seat entertainment marvels. From keynotes to panels to awards, live demos and more, the NAB Show Main Stage is where the topics of today and tomorrow are being debated, demanded and discovered.
  • Advanced Advertising Theater: Now accepting proposals related to the intersection of content, marketing and technology behind advertising initiatives.
  • CineCentral: Now accepting proposals covering in-depth perspectives on emerging trends shaping the future of content creation – feature, episodic and short formats that are in demand for presentation across every platform.
  • Future of Delivery: Now accepting proposals covering topics such as 5G, mobile video, streaming, satelliteIP, LEO satellite and other technology.

The following programs are not currently accepting submissions: Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit, Radio Show, Sales Management and Television Exchange (SMTE), Post|Production World (P|PW), and Streaming Summit.

Submission Topics

If submitting your proposal for the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEIT), please ensure you choose a topic covered from the following list. If submitting to any other program, select "Other" and use the form to indicate the topic(s) being covered.

    • All-Digital AM and FM HD Radio
    • Audio over IP / SIP / AES 67
    • Centralized Monitoring and Operations
    • FM HD Radio Power Increase and Other Improvements
    • FM Translators and Interference Resolution
    • Hybrid Radio
    • Next Generation Architecture for Radio
    • Podcasting
    • Radio Metadata Management
    • Visual Radio
    • Other Technologies
    • Advanced Video Coding
    • Advances in Audience Measurement Technologies
    • ATSC 3.0 / Next-Gen TV Technologies
    • Convergent TV / Wireless Technologies
    • Content and Signal Security
    • Content Replacement Techniques for Hybrid ATSC 1.0/3.0 Operations
    • Cross-platform Application Development
    • Immersive and Personalized Audio for Next-Gen TV
    • Next-Gen TV Deployment
    • OTT Technologies
    • Retransmission and Next Gen MVPD Interfaces
    • SCTE 224 and Other Trigger Technologies
    • SFNs and Other Market-Collaboration Technologies / Planning for Next Gen TV
    • Ultra HD / High Dynamic Range / High Frame Rate Video
    • Video over IP / SMPTE 2110
    • Other Technologies
  • GENERAL BROADCAST (Radio, TV and Online)
    • 5G Effects on Broadcast
    • Advanced / Distributed Networking
    • Advanced Emergency Alerting Technologies
    • Advanced Newsgathering Technologies
    • Advanced / Targeted / Programmatic Advertising Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence Applications for Broadcast
    • Back-office IT in the Broadcast Plant
    • Big Data Analytics / Applications
    • Broadcast Facility Design
    • “Broadcast Internet” / Datacasting
    • Broadcast Workflows
    • C-Band Satellite Issues
    • Cloud Computing for Broadcast
    • Connected Cars
    • Consumer and IOT Technologies
    • Cybersecurity
    • Engineering Staff Development / Recruiting
    • Migration to Cloud Infrastructure and Services
    • Remote Monitoring / Control and Work-from-Home Operations
    • Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Pandemic (business continuity plans, managing public health crisis, limit disease transmission points, etc.)
    • Smart Speaker Applications in Broadcasting
    • Software-based / Virtualized Video Processing
    • Spectrum Usage and Other Technical Regulatory Issues (e.g., Wireless mics, Use of White Spaces, FM Class C4, DVS Rules Changes, etc.)
    • TV Band Repack – Lessons Learned
    • Voice Interaction Applications for Broadcast
    • User-Interface and User-Experience Techniques for Broadcast Apps
    • Other Technologies

Proposal Requirements and Deadlines

Please review the following before submitting your application:

  • Proposals must be submitted by Friday, April 30, 2021.
  • If you represent and are submitting for a speaker, confirm their availability PRIOR to submitting for them.
  • Incomplete proposals will not be considered. No exceptions.
  • Submitters will be notified of their status by June 11, 2021. NOTE: Due to the amount of submissions NAB Show receives, only those submissions, speakers, or papers that have been accepted for presentation will be notified.
  • Session formats that will be given special consideration:
    • Fireside Chats
    • Interactive Q&As
    • High-Tech Media Development Demos
    • Immersive Talks from Noted Creators
    • Short-Form “Lightning” Talks
    • Case Studies and Best Practices
    • Original Research
  • All submissions are required to include a selection of one or more of the Key Topics listed.
  • NAB Show is committed to ensuring diverse representation exists within our programs. Our content team and our partners are building the 2021 NAB Show programs to reflect diverse points of view and experiences. To help reach this goal, our approach to speaker selection and invitations will support recruiting a diverse lineup of thought leaders and subject matter experts. 
  • Proposals promoting company products or services will not be considered; however, proposals explaining the underlying technologies used in broadcast products or services will be considered. For details on sponsored session availability, contact NAB Show Exhibit Sales.

Thank you for your interest! Contact Convention Education if you have any content questions or if you are having technical difficulties with the portal.